Social Media Changes (and Memories) at SoCon14

I'm in a pic with Terri Thornton (@ttho) in a banner at SoCon14. (Credit: Steve Burns.)

I’m in a pic with Terri Thornton (@ttho) in a banner at SoCon14. (Credit: Steve Burns.)

Nostalgia is fun. But it also is a stark reminder of how fast things change in social media.

That was my impression at SoCon14 (@soconevents) on Feb. 22 at Kennesaw State University.

One of the first things I noticed was that a photo of me and Terri Thornton (@ttho on Twitter) from SoCon past was still in use in a banner at SoCon14. It was a pleasant reminder of how I broke into social media.

But in more recent years, I was preoccupied with professional matters, and got regular social media training from my employer. Upon returning to SoCon, I was reminded how much had changed since that picture was taken.

For example:

Breakout session speaker Jason Dominy (@jasondominy): “Instagram is the fastest growing platform out there. … (Younger people) are moving away from Facebook.”

Keynote panelist Van Baird (@vanbaird): “Everybody is fighting for this space,” he said, holding up a smartphone. “And this space is very small.”

Breakout session speaker Jennifer Ogunsola (@jowriter1984): “Now, people find out the news before they see the news.”

Radio talk-show host Jennifer Keitt (@jenniferkeitt): “I can reinforce messages 24/7 … Social media is another way of engagement, a deeper engagement.”

Keynote panelist James Andrews (@keyinfluencer): “Social media is ‘now’ media.”

For sure, the dynamic nature of social media means that it will continue to evolve rapidly. Stay tuned.

And there’s more info about SoCon14 by searching Twitter at #socon14.

— Did you attend SoCon14? How do you or your company use social media? Leave a comment below.


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