‘Minority Report’: The Future is Now

In my personal warmup for the AFC and NFC championship games on TV, I watched the movie “Minority Report.”

The Tom Cruise movie was directed by Steven Spielberg, and was released in 2002. That has quickly become part of a dated era that precedes smartphones and social media. The sci-fi action thriller itself was set in 2054.

A brief recap: The plot revolves around a “precrime” police unit that arrests murder suspects before they actually commit their acts. The arrest premise is based on visions from a trio of “pre-cogs,” who can actually view the crimes in advance and transmit those thoughts to the precrime unit. Cruise’s character is a member of that elite unit, but he later finds himself in setup that a makes him a target of the unit he has championed.

But what got my attention was how many elements of the future as seen by “Minority Report” that are actually part of our current reality. Some examples:

Except that this is 2016, not 2054. The future is arriving faster than we think.

— What other examples of futuristic technology are you seeing in 2016? Leave a comment below.






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