Carly Fiorina, and Other GOP Debate Social Media Information

Don’t shoot the messenger here, as I have not decided which party — including a possible third party — that I will vote for in 2016.

However, there were no women on the stage for the prime time GOP debate on Thursday night. Regardless of rules, polls, etc., I can’t help but think that that is a setback for the Republicans, the same sort of image that led it to lose the last two presidential elections. (I have not forgotten Sarah Palin, who was not qualified for any national office.)

Google data that I already have posted this morning (Aug. 7, 2015) shows that Carly Fiorina came up big in searches after the JV debate, and after the evening affair also. To me, that’s the most telling stat. And other social media reaction also has been strongly in Fiorina’s favor.

Much discussion has been devoted to the fact that Republicans generally are perceived as “too old, too white and too male” at voting time. That same impression likely will persist after Thursday’s prime time debate, despite all of Donald Trump’s rhetoric.

Betcha that Hillary Clinton liked what she saw — or didn’t see — Thursday night in prime time.

— What’s your take on Carly Fiorina, and other presidential election matters? Leave a comment below, but be professional.




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2 Responses to Carly Fiorina, and Other GOP Debate Social Media Information

  1. Bob Williams says:

    It’s like pre-season rankings in college football. It’ll sort itself out in the end. I suspect with her performance this week she’ll be in the main mix for Iowa.

  2. Steve Burns says:

    Thanks, Bob. This will be a very interesting presidential campaign.

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