Suwanee Plans To Add to Public Art Collection

The Iron Canopy sculture in Town Center Park, Suwanee, Ga. (Photo: Steve Burns)

The Iron Canopy sculpture in Town Center Park, Suwanee, Ga. (Photo: Steve Burns)

The public art collection in Suwanee (Ga.), which has been a leader in Gwinnett County, is about to grow again.

City officials want to purchase the Iron Canopy sculpture that is on display in Town Center Park for permanent display, according to city documents. Iron Canopy is part of the 2013-15 SculpTour, the third phase of the city’s outdoor, walkable public art display.

Denise Brinson, Suwanee’s assistant city manager who also is involved with economic development, noted in city documents that Iron Canopy “has consistently led, and continues to lead, in the voting for ‘people’s choice’ ” on the city website.

Brinson also noted that “the natural look/theme is complimentary to Town Center Park.”

Purchase price would be $16,000 — a “very good” deal for the city’s Public Arts Commission, Brinson’s document said.

Iron Canopy, by artist Phil Proctor of Atlanta, would join other SculpTour pieces that have been purchased by the city. Also, the 9/11 artifact Remembrance, which is also on display in Town Center Park, is a member of the permanent art collection.

“Art is truly woven into Suwanee’s fabric,” City Council member Dick Goodman said in the 2013 dedication ceremony for the 9/11 piece.

Gwinnett County cities such as Sugar Hill and Duluth have begun public arts programs since Suwanee launched SculpTour in 2011.

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