Babe Ruth Lives — All Over MLB Record Book



Numbers tell a story, the saying goes. And the story they told on Labor Day 2014 — again — is what a remarkable baseball player Babe Ruth was.

I didn’t say hitter. I said, baseball player.

Baseball aficionados — and this seems to be a fading category — know that George Herman Ruth originally was a pitcher, and a very good one, with the Boston Red Sox, before the historic transaction that sent him to the New York Yankees in time for the 1920 season. And everyone knows about his home runs.

Well, on Monday, consider:

Of course, Ruth’s career total of 714 home runs now ranks third all-time, behind the controversial Barry Bonds and Hank Aaron. But think how many homers Ruth would have had had he been an everyday player his whole career (he broke in in 1914).

Then again, think how many pitching accomplishments Ruth would have racked up had he remained on the mound. They don’t make ’em like THAT any more.

Babe Ruth website.

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