SEC Network — Which Channel Is It On?

This post was updated at 6:53 a.m., Aug. 14, 2014.

Just when you think the smartphone is the only thing making media news these days, along comes the SEC Network.

The mega-hyped television and digital effort by ESPN and the most powerful football conference in the United States rolls out Thursday (Aug. 14). And couch potatoes could face a new type of game — finding the channel on the ever-changing grid that its common with TV providers.

Most major cable and satellite providers have wisely opted to carry the SEC Network. But in at least one case, the network does not have a permanent home on the digital tier, at least for now.

A Charter Communications spokesperson told me Wednesday (Aug. 13) that the network would be available on any one of various channels on the regular and high-definition tiers in my area (northeast Atlanta). See the above tweet, and the “channel finder” link below for more specific info. (I get the impression that things are very fluid at the moment.)

Note: Here’s a “channel finder” link from the SEC Network website.

Another interesting thing about this network is that its hub will be in Charlotte, N.C. That city is better known for pro sports and being in the midst of Atlantic Coast Conference athletics. However, ESPN already had facilities there, and in today’s global media environment, location seems secondary.

However, some insidious fallout — this also gives the SEC a footprint in North Carolina. This league now stretches from Texas to North Carolina, Missouri to Florida.

And the network’s top talent brings cult-like followings. Paul Finebaum, a very popular radio host and former Alabama newspaper columnist, is aboard. So is Tony Barnhart, whose Mr. College Football column has run on both CBS Sports and Atlanta Journal-Constitution websites. Barnhart also is the author of several books on college football.

There will be reporting from the league’s campuses, too.

It all starts with SEC Now, at 6 p.m. ET on Aug. 14. A news release says that the football Mannings, Shaquille O’Neal and Joe Namath will be among those featured.

Happy channel hunting!

 — What are your thoughts on the SEC Network? Leave a comment below.


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