5 Things to Know (Plus, Two Cents, and $1 Million …)

Credit: morguefile.com.

Credit: morguefile.com.

I’m baaaack … here, anyway.

  • MEDIA “MOONSHOTS”: Recently, the mobile editor of The Wall Street Journal said that journalism needs to think more like Google and Apple in taking leaps forward — what he called “moonshots.” The New York Times did that recently with its editorial board calling for decriminalization of marijuana, something that has been done in two states but not at the federal level. Hey, it has everyone, uh, talking.
  • ATLANTA BRAVES’ WOES: I’m a longtime Braves watcher, and the defending NL East champs are nosediving. They have just completed an 0-8 road trip, their first such effort since 1949. Local commenters (there’s that word again) are pointing fingers at everyone. But one overlooked factor: leadership. This franchise has lost Chipper Jones and Brian McCann in the past two seasons. The team likely would not be so flat and directionless with either or both of these in the clubhouse. They were always associated with winning Braves teams.
  • BIG BUCKS FOR “THE BIG BANG THEORY”: There’s always talk about high salaries for pro athletes and CEOs. But what about the new deal for the stars of the highly rated TV sitcom? Reports say that the stars will earn $1 mil per episode in the coming season. I say there’s nothing wrong with this, or any other salary that is determined by market forces. Performers such as Meryl Streep get big bucks for one reason — it leads to their productions being profitable overall. So there.
  • WORLD WIDE WEB ANNIVERSARY: Something else to make you feel old. On Aug. 6, 1991, the World Wide Web was introduced to the world. This will go down as one of the things that truly revolutionized society, like the printing press and air travel. Mobile technology is doing the same thing, but it needed the web to grow. But yes, the Web has been hard on many industries and many of the people who work in those industries. For better or worse: Get used to it.

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