Gwinnett Company May Lead Internet-Delivered TV

Much attention is being paid to big changes involving cable and satellite television companies. However, a relatively unknown Gwinnett County company apparently is poised well for coming industry changes.

According to a report in Motley Fool, Suwanee-based Arris Group is “strategically at the forefront of set-top box technology.” This will allow television to be streamed to consumers via the Internet, in a system known as Internet Protocol Television (IPTV). This eventually will replace satellite’s dish and cable’s wire, the trend has it.

The report added:

Before acquiring Motorola Home, (Arris) specialized in networking and data delivery. With the newly acquire set-top unit, Arris’ focus has shifted primarily to video. IPTV is at the confluence of both domains.

A key to IPTV will be connecting every Internet-enabled device in a household as well as set-top boxes to an entertainment hub. On Arris’ fourth quarter earnings call, Larry Robinson, President of Arris’ Consumer Premise Equipment Division, noted that he sees “gateways becoming more and more present in the marketplace,” and “the portfolio that we have, I think, positions us well to help operators through that multi-year migration.”

Cisco Systems, which also has a presence in Gwinnett County, is seen as a competitor to Arris in this area. However, Arris is seen as having an advantage in video.

The complete Motley Fool report is here.

Fallout from technology changes, which also includes streaming from sites like Hulu and Netflix, already is being seen in tense negotiations between some cable and satellite TV providers and some of the stations they distribute. In recent months, Charter Communications and Cox Media Group, and DirecTV and The Weather Channel have been in disputes over fee payments. Those disputes involve how much the carrier will pay the station to carry its signal.

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