Post-birthday thoughts

Now that I’m a year older, it’s time to reflect and predict.

As many Facebook users know, Thursday was my birthday. Thanks again for all the good thoughts from coast to coast. They perked me up.

So after enjoying the day, it’s time to share thoughts/actions about the past year, and what I think will happen in the coming year.

The look back (five things):

— I love being 25 or so pounds lighter. Took lots of fitness walks and lighter meals, but I did it. Makes a difference in thoughts, behavior, etc. If I lose any more, I’ll have to file a missing persons report.

— Religion matters to me. This is a blog, not a pulpit, so it’s just a personal preference. But worship and church fellowship ease my mind and soul, and they feel empowering.

— SEC football rules. There already was plenty of evidence, as the league owns the past four national titles. But the fan intensity and quality of play are amazing. I used to follow it when I lived in Southern California, but being in the middle of it is the Southern equivalent of a day at the beach. And Georgia’s recent struggles with mid-level conference teams show how fast things can change; this program played in the BCS in 2007 and was the preseason No. 1 in 2008.

— Baseball needs instant replay for more than home runs. Never for balls and strikes, I say. But the advent of video will embarrass this tradition-infatuated game unless it loosens the leash.

— Family is important to me. You can’t choose ’em, but being closer to “Mama ‘ n them” has made a difference.

The look ahead (five things):

— People say the mainstream news media are dead. The mainstream media are NOT dead. Like all other industries, they change. And people need it, whether they realize it or not. And don’t knock the mainstream media. They do a better job than most people realize. When you Google something, who knows what you are getting? Remember that newspapers, radio, TV, etc., fact-check their info before it goes out. They also have access to information that ordinary bloggers don’t have. And remember that in many other countries, media is state-owned or controlled. You get what you pay for.

— I will attempt to finish the novel I’ve been tinkering with for years. The more I get into it, the more respect I have for those who have gotten published in any form. Lots of lost sleep, postponed fun and grief from editors go into such things. But I’ve got the ability, so I wanna get it done before I go to the great e-reader in the sky.

— I will consider running in next year’s Peachtree Road Race. A runner in days of yore, I may revive the habit, and such a tradition almost demands that I take one crack at it.

— I will continue to miss that great California weather, especially in July and August. And some of the great people I still keep in touch with there.

— America will survive, grow and change. This is an era in which this country is influenced daily by factors from around the globe like never before. But it’s still the best one around, and always will be.


About Steve Burns

I live in the Atlanta area. I also lived for many years in Southern California. I'm into mainstream media, social media, sports, business and politics. I worked for AOL's Patch, but this is my personal blog. I'm on Twitter (@bsteve76), Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest. See ya 'round!
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