Special Easter memories

"Sexy legs" contest winner, LA-Mexico cruise, 2006.

If we have the Ghost of Christmas Past and Clarence the angel, Easter memories should be allowed. Rabbit redux is taken, so what about “hare today …”

Seriously, it’s a special holiday that comes with the arrival of spring (particularly welcome this year, after a brutal winter in many parts of the country) and has religious meaning. As with Christmas, not all faiths participate, but it gets a lot of attention.

And as with Independence Day, I like it because weather allows for more activities. Two Easters stand out, both in California.

In 2006, I was coming out of several years of personal and professional turmoil, and learning to smile again was a high priority. So I took an LA-Mexico cruise that included Easter Sunday as its day at sea. (Love cruises, by the way. The ultimate getaway, as cell phones and e-mail are rare. And like Vegas, there’s food and entertainment that you won’t see elsewhere.)

I had taken this cruise route a couple of previous times, so some familiarity was nice. Still, I was pleasantly surprised to find a couple from my town of Rancho Santa Margarita, CA, along on the same trip. And hitting the same restaurants and sights in Ensenada, Mexico, was enjoyable. Check this pic of a garden/monument near the cruise port.

But the most memorable part came on the sea day. You may know that cruises have all sorts of zany events for the travelers, and so this one put on the “sexy legs” contest for the guys. Ones with enough chutzpah would strut their stuff before several women judges and the assembled passengers. Believe me, I was quite under control when I decided to participate, but as I said, the time had come to banish some demons.

Well, guess who won? See above video/photo. A wonderful woman from Riverside County, CA, took the pic; I met her on the cruise. Is this a great country or what?

My other favorite Easter came in 1988. Again, it was something of a breakout year. I was used to California by then, but I had the feeling I could get more out of it. A new relationship certainly helped.

We attended a sunrise service atop Mount Soledad in San Diego (I’ve already run some pics of this on Facebook), and followed it with brunch on the beach (see pic below). Things progressed so well that we later were married in a beachfront ceremony on Maui. (The marriage ended in 1995.)

The Soledad setting is noteworthy for the fact that there’s a huge cross there that has been the center of legal controversy. Some secular types object to a religious symbol on city property. However, I must say it’s the most picturesque and inspiring religious site I’ve ever attended.

So thanks for stopping by for some Easter history. Time to make some more.

With then-fiance, Pacific Beach, San Diego, Easter 1988

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