Gingrich no fan of Obama policies

Newt Gingrich hasn’t been US House Speaker in some time, but the  Republican clearly still has a strong taste for policymaking and an outspoken nature. In a recent Atlanta speech (2/24/2010), he used “magic wand” to describe the political approach of President Obama, Nancy Pelosi and Harry Reid.

Gingrich, a “Reaganite” who represented Georgia during the Clinton administration but who now lives in Virginia, described the “Obamacare” health proposal as a “1970s liberal model in a world that has changed.” He feels that the president’s government-controlled approach to health care will collapse, and that states — who have Medicaid — can be innovators in a new model.

Gingrich is now involved with, a collaborative effort that offers an alternative approach to health care reform. This site will engage in live blogging on Feb. 25, during Obama’s health care summit. (Gingrich also is @newtgingrich on Twitter.) Polls by the Gingrich-backed group say that 52% of those who follow health care closely strongly oppose Obama’s health care proposal. Making health care more affordable rates as the top priority.

(Updated 7/12/10.) Gingrich said in Iowa that he is considering a presidential run and will announce his decision early next year.

In other matters, he called government the latest “bubble” in America, after housing, technology and investments. He said that both at the federal and state levels, Americans have a government that they “can’t afford. … For 25 years, we’ve been lying.”

He also sees competing with China and India as a huge challenge, as well as educating a society for a world that will be far more dependent on science and technology. He compared the current economy in America with the “pain” of 1979-80, but he is “very optimistic” in the long run. “This is the most creative society … this country is so amazing.”

Gingrich was not asked in Atlanta about a possible presidential bid in 2012, nor did he offer any comments. But he has been targeting other areas of the US with his political ideas. In this video with The Orange County (CA) Register, he briefly discussed such ambitions. (Disclosure: The Register is a former employer of mine.)

Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich meets media after Atlanta speech.


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