Clark Howard and money

“Life is all about change.” The philosophy is not exactly groundbreaking, but not something you’d expect to hear from someone who is famous for money advice. But that’s what Clark Howard, consumer advocate and self-proclaimed cheapskate, said in summing up his speech last week to an Atlanta-area group of business owners.

Howard’s radio show is based in Atlanta and syndicated nationwide, and he also is an author and makes TV appearances on an Atlanta station and CNN channel HLN. His speech was not just about financial advice, but the bruised human psyches that is the result of the punishing recession that some say has ended.

His refreshing delivery also is inspirational. It shows that cheap does not necessarily mean deprived, and that his approach does not mean sitting home alone in the dark eating pet food.

The above video says it all. However, I want to pass along some memorable excerpts before rolling the tape.

— He poked fun at the iPhone as being expensive, but also praised the creativity of Apple Computers (the iPad was unveiled the day of his speech). America will not build a rich society, he said, by buying DVD players from China.

— Every year he takes his staff on a trip. The destination is wherever is the cheapest; this year, it was Maui. (Boo hoo). He ate at a McDonald’s while there. Now I feel rich; I ate at a McDonald’s on my only trip to Maui. Wonder if it’s the same one? 🙂

— The people who have struggled most in the current recession are the more educated types, he said. People who have rarely known job security see it as just one more hurdle.

— Cars? Buy, don’t lease. And drive one until you have to leave it by the side of the road.

Enjoy the video.


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