My 2009 year in video

‘Tis the season for yearenders, and decade-enders. Everyone is being retrospective, and I’m no exception. This was a year that I really got into social media big time, not surprising given my journalist background and instincts.

But it wasn’t just tweeting, blogging, LinkedIn, etc., that marked my year. It was what I and others were putting online in increasing numbers. Fact is, more than half the traffic that moves on the Internet now is video, and that statistic will grow. One touch upload to YouTube is becoming more common, and that site got 41 million views an hour in October. No wonder parent company Google’s market cap is more than those of Time Warner (CNN owner) and Disney (ABC/ESPN owner) combined.

I’m now over 50 videos on YouTube, and several have been vetted for news coverage by CNN’s iReport team. You can tell a story with video, too, and I really have fun when I combine the two.

So, I’ve decided to pass along highlights of my video efforts in 2009. I’ve embedded the two most memorable in this post, and I’ll describe the ones I enjoyed most.

— Atlanta TV news directors/Atlanta Press Club: “No crime scene tape involved.” Ellen Crooke of WXIA spoke these words at a panel discussion in June featuring the top news execs of the city’s network affiliates (see above video). The stations not only compete fiercely for viewers, but like newspapers are struggling with losing ad revenue to the Internet. WXIA has been the most innovative, putting news meetings online so potential viewers can see how the sausage is made. Also, the station used a grass-roots coverage method to outdo its rivals in the recent Atlanta mayoral election.

— My Southern California homes: Anybody can take a video or pic of the beaches or Disneyland. But you gotta search a bit for my former dwellings in Orange and San Diego counties. I owned three houses there (a fourth was owned through marriage) from 1986-2007, and I got a neat video summary on my recent trip (see video below). Special memory: my two cats, Diego and Georgia, from my home in Spring Valley. Nocturnal beasts that they were, they’d chase each other through the house at night at high speeds. I called it “the derby.”

— Gwinnett Braves afternoon game: Minor league baseball can be real fun. I still remember seeing an aging Steve Rogers doing a rehab stint at a Jacksonville Suns game in the mid-80s (they were  a Montreal farm team). Also in Jacksonville then was a young Andres Galarraga. Now the Atlanta Braves have moved their top minor-league team to suburban Gwinnett County, a shrewd marketing move. I took in their first afternoon game this year, and captured some of the flavor on YouTube. Another of my videos there shows the taxpayer-funded stadium under construction. Gumshoe journalism lives!

— Tweetups: I’ve got a cottage industry going. Everyone knows about Twitter, so of course a Tweetup is when folks in the same group/geographic area meet. I’ve been to five in Atlanta, and done a video on each. CNN has vetted them all for news coverage, as that organization realizes the value of social media. Here’s the latest.

— ESPN GameDay: Again, I’ve got  a series developing. The popular college football pregame show has visited Atlanta several times in the past two years, showing the city’s strength for college football. I’ve attended three and given a fan’s eye view of some of the proceedings. This one from 2008 featuring Erin Andrews has gotten the most views. Can’t imagine why. 🙂


About Steve Burns

I live in the Atlanta area. I also lived for many years in Southern California. I'm into mainstream media, social media, sports, business and politics. I worked for AOL's Patch, but this is my personal blog. I'm on Twitter (@bsteve76), Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest. See ya 'round!
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