Tweetup III: Clicking again

Another Tweetup sprouted in Atlanta last night (8/20/09), and by now I don’t have to tell you what that is. Just that if you hold it, they will come. And it’s yet another case in how much our society is gravitating toward the virtual world.

Last night’s gathering was at the W hotel in the Atlanta ‘burbs, the nicest site for one I’ve seen. The video above tells much, but there also were appetizers and much fun chatter.

And the continuing growth of meaningful ways to do business online is still evident. Todd Schnick, a savvy marketer and Tweetup veteran, told of how he used a Flipcam video to help land a new client. Oh, and by the way, he had his Flipcam in his back pocket. And you know by now that I never leave the house without my digital/video camera.

If you read further down in this blog, you’ll see a post in which a Cisco Systems exec tells that more than half the traffic on the Internet is video, a figure that will grow.

Some other nuggets from the online world: Time Warner, which owns CNN, the Cartoon Network and HBO, announced this week that it has reached a content deal with Google-owned YouTube.

And seems that Entertainment Weekly magazine is turning an exciting new page: a video-player ad embedded in a print page. (Yes, magazines are suffering the same pains newspapers are.)

And to show you how vigilant large companies are becoming to online networking sites: I’ve been tweeting on recent Sundays about the sometimes-late delivery of my AJC newspaper. Well, seems Eli Wendkos, social media point person for the AJC and a member of my Twitter group, was watching. He thoughtfully referred me to someone in the organization who could help.

And CNN obviously is aware of the millions of people and businesses who use social networking. Two of my tweetup videos have landed on CNN (see my “Tweet, meet, eat. Neat”) blog post. And recently ran an interesting story about annoying Facebook users. Not to mention the daily Rick Sanchez TV show devoted to social media. (Update: it’s now 3 for 3 with CNN. The above video joins the others on the network.

So know that if you become aware of a Tweetup, that it’s serious business, and fun, too.


About Steve Burns

I live in the Atlanta area. I also lived for many years in Southern California. I'm into mainstream media, social media, sports, business and politics. I worked for AOL's Patch, but this is my personal blog. I'm on Twitter (@bsteve76), Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest. See ya 'round!
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